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Project Turnabout was founded as a nonprofit organization in the early 1970s to help people with alcohol and drug use problems. In 1991 Project Turnabout developed the Vanguard program for compulsive gambling. Over the years we have continued to grow and evolve, never losing sight of our mission — to encourage and support healing through programs and services that are both effective and affordable. In every service our quality is driven by an experienced and caring team committed to their responsibility to help and be of service to our patients/clients.

Project Turnabout prides itself in providing high quality, affordable addiction treatment services. Our main campus is located in Granite Falls, MN in the heart of the Minnesota River Valley in a serene natural prairie campus surrounded by beautiful granite outcroppings. It houses 89 patients. We provide comprehensive detoxification, medical, clinical and spiritual care. Our caring, experienced professionals provide education, therapy and support with love and respect for the individual dignity of all patients.