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The Little Crow Ski Team performs on Friday nights in the summer at Neer Park in New London. In 1979 a small group of energetic, excited and talented young water skiers from West Central Minnesota brought together a unique desire. "We need to have a Water Ski Team, right here! All of us enjoy the sport and want to show our ability to our neighbors and friends!" With this very special desire to "WATER SKI" the Little Crow Water Ski Team had its beginnings. Starting with an original membership of 15 plus water ski team members, the Little Crow Water Ski Team has grown to over 70 skiers dedicated to demonstrate, support and enjoy the sport of "water skiing!" The local performances began in Spicer, on Green Lake and in New London on the "Mill Pond" to carry on the tradition of Water Ski Shows that date back to the 1940's. Today the Little Crow Water Ski Team upholds this long and proud tradition as we ski at our home site "Neer Park." After trying out several local lakes our ski team discovered this site in 1985 with the help of several local people interested in the promotion of the special talents of our club members and in the very beautiful wooded hills and calm water of the Crow River here at Neer Park. We are very proud of our home site and owe a very special thanks to the descendants of Joe Neer, Alice Halvorson and Hattie M. Johnson, who presented the park, located on the Middle Fork of the Crow River, to the City of New London in 1920. The annual celebration of "Water Days" began three years later, right here on the Crow River at Neer Park. Over the past several years the members of the club, parents and community groups have worked together to develop the Little Crow Water Ski Team home of "Neer Park" into the very special ski site it is today. We would like to thank all of our members and special friends in Central Minnesota for helping make the "Team Effort" a success. Today we continue this tradition as we present another season of Little Crow Water Ski Shows. So, sit back and enjoy the exciting and thrilling display of professional water ski acts right here, before your eyes, just for your personal enjoyment!

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